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Social Responsibility

As Dover corporate social responsibility initiative, Dover Training Institute (DTI), is a premier, Nonpublic Postsecondary Education Commission (NPEC) certified educational institution that provides customized training, continuing education and ongoing support services to youth and adults in underserved communities.

As the 501(c)(3) of the Dover family brand, the institute employs a caring and holistic approach that not only provides basic office and computer training, but aims to address the more complex personal characteristics that enable an individual to successfully adapt to the world of work, family and community. Each program is structured to provide an intimate learning environment where each participant is able to attain specific industry knowledge and workplace skills at their own pace.

DTI is an Eligible Provider under the Workforce Investment Act (WIA). Prospective participants may visit www.gcic.edu to obtain further information.

Additionally, armed with a desire to proactively support Atlanta teens, Dover Training Institute launched the CHOICES: Youth Leadership and Violence Prevention Program in 2005. Supported in part by Fulton County and operating from Tri Cities High School, the primary goal of CHOICES is to strengthen teen’s connection to their own identity, culture and community. Likewise, CHOICES aims to help adolescents better understand how school violence hurts both the individual and community.

Working alongside school administrators and volunteer counselors, Dover Training Institute created a curriculum that teaches students peer mediation strategies so they are better equipped to handle conflicts when they arise. They also engage in leadership activities that are designed to identify and enhance their leadership potential.

"Dover Training Institute is our way to give back to the community in a meaningful way. At our core, we care about people and want more than anything to see how empowerment and encouragement can help someone achieve their personal definition of success." ~ Sanquinetta Dover, Founder




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